I’m loving these White Herrinbone Wunder Under Crops and since I’ve heard a few reviews confirming they are opaque, are not causing CT issues and they are soft and stretchy, I decided to order them in two sizes. I’m really not sure what size I will be at the end of January when I finish a second Whole 30 so I don’t know if I’ll keep the 10’s and wear them now or keep the 8’s and use them as a reward for when I get to that size. Anyways, I really prefer the crop version since I’m short and I don’t work out in the pants so these will be great for Crossfit and for casual wear. 

White Herringbone Wunder Unders, Shape Jacket and Shell Pink CRB

Shell Pink Classic Stripe Power Y

I kind of hated this print in the Vinyasa scarf, but I love the way it looks in a top. 


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