Mini Store Report and Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover Pictures

December 7, 2012

Well, I felt the need to dash out to the store to check out these Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullovers even though I sold mine last year within a month or two. I really like the style but it’s extremely warm and any time I tried to wear it I needed to take it off immediately when I got inside anywhere. I also didn’t totally love the neck on it. I thought this morning that if it had come in fun colors (like the Iris sherpa fleece currently in the Ivivva line) I would have been really tempted to get one, but I can easily pass on the black and the polar cream. The black one this year doesn’t have all that contrasting, it’s just solid black. I felt like maybe the fleece this year wasn’t as nice on the outside as last years. The inside is the same, but the outside wasn’t quite as fact it maybe felt like it had a touch more polyester than last years (that sort of ‘slick’ feeling that some high polyester items have). This is all from memory so do not take my word from it, it was mearly my first impression. Also, as of 11am (one hour after opening) the shelf was either completely cleared out by other buyers but for 3-4 in upper sizes…or the store got a small inventory of these. I’m thinking some busy little ‘angel’ may have been filling orders though. It seems silly that Lulu would release these one day after the upload and so close to the cut off date for orders to be shipped in time for Christmas. If they per chance upload these on Monday night they may not arrive in time for them to be gifts, which is why I’m thinking these may have just been an exclusive special release. Realizing that the cut off date is tomorrow for shipping, December 7th, I can’t believe Lululemon dropped the ball so badly having these sparse uploads. They really put all their eggs in one basket with the outdoor running layering pieces from the What The Fluff Line. Which is seriously really expensive to be put on most wish lists. 

I also felt the new Laceoflage Scoop Neck Tank. I love the black white laceoflage print so much but I did not like the feel of the material in this. It’s polyestery luon light (which as you know I already hate polyester added to anything) but also, this particular blend of 97% polyester was worse than other polyester tanks I’ve seen. It was especially ‘slick’ looking and has more ridges to it. Sort of like those polyester nighties?  I’m glad I got the Luxtreme Free To Be Tank in this print because they haven’t [email protected] up that material yet. I was really wanting to get either the Scoop Neck Tank or the CRB in this print but I’m thinking I’ll just be happy with the Free to Be Bra.

The Devotion Tee LS in Beaming Blue is gorgeous in person, and the clarity yellow/cream one was nice too. They didn’t have the black/white classic stripe one. I may eventually get that one too but not this week. 

Yesterday I tried on the laceoflage scuba and loved the print and contrast so much but was so disappointed in the length and the crappy polyester cotton blend. I so miss Cotton French Terry and the old scuba construction. The worst offender on this hoodie though was that the band at the bottom went right over my muffin top so it didn’t look very nice. It’s just way too short on my torso. Eh, maybe the shortness and the polyester are equal offenders – I can’t decide. My regular scuba size is an 8 or a 10 depending on the color. My Wish Blue one I still have is an 8 and fits me perfectly and hits me right at mid hip. This Scuba Stretch in a size 10 felt too small and I definitely needed a 12. I walked around the store with it because I really did love the print but just couldn’t pull the trigger. Late last night I decided to order one and try again and get a second opinion on it so I think when it arrives I will do a fit report and comparison to my Wish Blue Scuba Hoodie. Can you imagine how perfect and awesome the regular scuba hoodie would have been in this print??? Makes me so mad to think about that. 

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