Run: Bundle Up Jacket in Clarity Yellow

 Limitless Blue. This one is gorgeous! Wishing for a CRB in this color. 

I mentioned a few posts down that I love Clarity Yellow in certain items but in others I hate it. This is the item that I’m really disliking. I saw it in person and it is the busiest pullover/LS item I have ever seen made by lululemon. There is so much going on with this colorway in this top. Satin looking Clarity yellow, quilting pattern, lighter matte clarity yellow in the the body, stripes, circle mesh tone of clarity yellow. It’s just weird in person with the two two distinct patterns, the stripe and the quilted pattern in the shoulders and elbows and clarity yellow looking like it’s different tones in the different fabrics. I’m rambling, but it was just weirdly busy. I think it would have been really nice in solid clarity yellow, or heathered clarity yellow. No contrast quilting. Oh, and I hate the scalloped hemline. I will never buy anything with that kind of a hem. 


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