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Rumor: Define Jackets Being Discontinued?

October 10, 2012

Update October 27:  Scuttlebutt is that the Define is in fact being discontinued with colors to be phased out by mid November and black to be phased out by December. Replacing the Define Jacket is the uglier, much shorter Shape/Shape Me Up Jacket from 2009. Probably cheaper to produce and less material used. How are we liking the downgraded Scuba Hoodie, Wunder Unders, Flow Y, Power Y and Grooves?? Yah, me neither. It’s a huge turnoff. I’m 5’4 but I have a long torso. One of the biggest draws of lululemon for me is that the tops and jackets are/where much longer on me than from any other brand and hit me at the most flattering length. Way to go Captain Concordia! This is just dumb. 

On the other hand, I’ve heard from a very reliable source that Lululemon is re formulating their luon to be more like the better quality luon from pre 2010 (why do they need to ‘re formulate’ what they already once had??) Luon, if you can believe used to be of really heavy duty quality and wore much better and was not sheer, did not pill, didn’t require special handling and looked and felt much, much better. Apparently, lululemon head office knows the luon quality is shit these days and they are working on bringing back what they were once known for. This will probably be released in 2013. 

** Checked this with two very reliable sources and this is not an accurate report. It’s possible the Ed that claimed the Define is being retired misspoke and meant to say the In Stride/Stride Jackets**

A reader left a comment earlier this morning sharing that she was told at her local Lululemon that the iconic Define Jacket is being discontinued. I’m checking with anyone I know that is in *the know* to see if they’ve also heard these rumors and I will update you as soon as I know more. Lululemon puts out about 5-6 different Define Jackets each month and lately there has been a lull in stores as to how many colors they are getting. Just before the Angel Blue Define Jacket came out there was a long lull of no new Defines being delivered and that was a little strange. I also have found it really strange (and have kept quiet about this) that the Define Jacket hasn’t had a price increase like everything else has. It’s the cheapest jacket they have at $98 and probably the most functional. Whenever someone asks me ‘should I get this Define Jacket or this  ______ (insert item), I almost always say ‘go for the Define, its a way better value’.  But, I don’t put these cockamamie shenanigans past them unfortunately. 

This is a really surprising decision that I’m not quite understanding. Most lululemon spotting on TV shows and movies and on movie stars in real life are the most flattering and iconic designs they’ve put out. Scoop Neck Tank, Define Jacket, Groove Pants/Wunder Unders. There is a reason these designs are chosen by the stylists.  You never, ever, ever see items like the Happy Hippo Harem Pants or with something like the Run With Rover Pants in magazines and on movies or even out in real life. Those designs are unflattering, transient and disposable fashions that people don’t spend a lot of money on, not the designs that made Lululemon what they are known for. This direction really makes me sad because it really shows the powers that be are more interested in pumping out designs that are short lived trends in low quality (hello having to return a shirt worn for 1 hour the other day!!) and huge margins rather than with sticking with the designs that have worked so well for them and stood the test of time. Spend less time innovating the next big trend and focus on getting the quality back on track on the designs that are universally loved and stand the test of time. 

Other rumors and whispers I’ve read about items on the chopping block: Stride Jacket and In Stride Jacket, Dance Studio Jacket and Scoop Up Tank, XL CRB’s. Items being mucked around with are the Inspire Crops, Power Y’s, Flow Y’s and all gussets. 

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