Today, I broke my resolve in waiting it out to see if there would be Herringbone Wunder Under Crops and brought home the Runder Unders in Herringbone. I didn’t try them on in store and figured I’d be taking them back tomorrow but they are most definitely keepers with only the slightest of criticism of them. 

What I love about them is that instead of brushed luon, they are RULU which is more breathable and less warm yet super soft and snuggly. I worried that they wouldn’t be as compressive but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. They stay up and feel firm on without showing anymore than what I already show in wunder unders. The waist is luxtreme on the inside so they feel smooth around the middle and I have less of an issue in these with muffin top than I do with Wunder Unders. I love the seam down the outside of the legs as well, but I don’t like the seam that sits on the front of the leg bellow the knees. That seam peeks out quite a bit with my lower boots and just the top of the seam shows when I wear my taller boots. I wish that seam wasn’t there because the whole wonderful point of these pants is that they are stylish enough to wear out yet will double as running pants. I also wish there was no reflective logo on the bottom calf. It just adds to the sportyness of them and may keep them from being acceptable in none athletic situations where as eliminating that panel and the reflective logo from such a visible area would truly make them double duty. The bottom hem can be flipped up to expose a band of reflective tape which is so functional for running, and I love that you can just tuck them away and hide that detail. The front lower leg panel just looks so sporty. Well….my mom thought they either looked like running pants or riding pants so I guess the ridding aspect of that is dressy. These are my TTS size 10 and feel super comfortable and not snug at all. I definitely would not size up in these since RULU tends to have more give in it than luon or especially brushed luon which is more compressive. I’ve read that the Herringbone WU’s are a size up item, to a tight TTS and I can definitely see that, but these don’t feel tight at all. 

I have tear the tags of lust on these and really want to keep them but I will be prudent and keep the tags on and wait and see if there is a cropped version, or WU Crops in Black Swan herringbone or the rumored Wunder Under Rose Herringbone Black WU’s. These sure are nice though. 

 Paige Tall Riding Boots mostly hides the leg panel with the exception of a little peaking out over the top. 

you can see that leg panel here above the top of my boots (Veronica Slouch)


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