In honor of the Lululemon photo a day challenge What The Focus September or #wtfsept, I thought I’d play along here on the blog. I have pretty much zero inspiration for 80% of the words listed so far but I’m hoping i’ll get some in the moment inspiration and will post a little something for each word of the day (and hope you’ve forgotten if I miss one or two). 

Today’s picture is ‘Set The Bar(re)’ and perfectly suited to today’s crossfit WOD which was a benchmark for me. I did ‘Helen’ (400 metre run, 21 Kettlebell swings, 12 pullups) and I got that done in 9:40. Then I worked on getting up to my 1 rep max in the dead lift and I ‘set the bar’ by surpassing my body weight. My 1 Rep Max ended up being 185lbs!!!! The picture below is 175lbs but after that I had an audience and was too shy to pull out my iphone like a dork and take a picture of the weights. 

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