I tried on the Sattva Pants today and felt quiet torn. at $108 the price point is just ridiculous for sweatpants that are so much more fragile and prone to snags and looking quite worn than say, the Tea Cozy Crops which where I think$78. If you are at all sensitive to wool like I am you will notice the ‘wooliness’ right away with a slight scratchyness. For me this was fine in the pants but would really annoy me in the pullover and hoodie.. The hoodie and pullover has quite a bit of tencil paneling on it which increases the profit margin for Lululemon. tencil is my least favorite fabric from Lululemon for several reasons but manly because it wears horribly. My sisters quickstep pants from last year where black and are now a really dull light grey with fuzziness all over with broken fibers and it is impossible to keep wrinkle free.

That being said, I liked the pants. They were really cozy and felt like my favorite wool socks only loose and drapey. At markdown I would consider them ($70 or less) but I still really dislike the needless use of tencil. Both Bordeaux and Black have a distressed denim look to the fabric which wasn’t apparent in many of the saturated product pictures I’ve seen of them online. These pictures are more accurate. The pants are low rise and I wish they where slightly higher but they are not a completely impossible rise on me in my TTS. Overall, to me these where nice but I like my Tea Cozy Crops A lot more which I can where bike riding and not worry about destroying them.

Imagine how this tencil panelling will look after a few washes, severely faded, the pleats not laying flat and wrinkles all over.




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