The Latest: Bordeaux Drama Define Jacket, Right as Rain Jacket, Star Runner Pullover, Keep on Running Duffel in Bordeaux Drama

September 7, 2012

One of my local stores (Metrotown) was scheduled to release the Bordeaux Define Jacket a little earlier than the rest so yesterday I was able to pick one up. I think it will be uploaded on Monday as well as getting released store wide for Canadians. I’m finding this color isn’t photographing as beautifully as it looks in person (although it does look lovely in photographs – just much nicer in person). I think it’s much darker and richer in person. These ones are made in Cambodia (same as the Pow Pink and Power Purple) but the seams looked good on the ones I looked at. No gaps in the seams, no doubled up sloppy looking seams anywhere. It’s softish but not like the heathered colors at all. 

 Star Runner Pullover


I don’t love the seams that run below (or in some cases on top of) the bust as well as the curved shoulder seams. 

Beautiful photographs of the Star Runner SS taken in West Vancouver

 Flare Pacesetter Skirt, Flare/Tonka Striped Run: Catch Me Tank and Run: Nothin But Run Jacket

 Bordeaux Drama Keep on Running Duffel with Right As Rain Jacket in Flare. I wonder if there will be another color run for the Right as Rain Jacket.

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