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Right as Rain Jacket Fit Review and The Latest

September 4, 2012

Right As Rain Jacket and Keep On Running Duffel

I tried on this jacket today and really liked it. I was a bit torn with staying TTS for a narrower fit (layered well over my knit sweater wrap though) but it felt slightly snug in the shoulders or sizing up to the 12. I think the 12 looked really good on but it was quite loose in the arms and shoulders..but I liked how it flared out better. Truthfully I’m having some fit issues lately with increasing crossfit and I’m finding my shoulders need more space as well as my butt with some jackets. All my clothes fit comfortably from last year but for some reason I’m finding jackets especially are just hitting me weird at my shoulders and the top of my butt. Too many thrusters! 

The price of this jacket truly sucks and even though I live in a climate where a good rain jacket is a requirement, this design is just a little too basic and simple to justify it. It’s basically a shell for $200 and for this price I would have loved a soft fleece lining or something – and for the outside to be Bordeaux Drama. The only way I’d pay full price for it is by selling something else, otherwise I’m waiting for markdown.

The Bordeaux Drama Keep on running duffel took everything in my power not to buy. It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I do not need it. Somehow I found the strength to walk away. 

This is my TTS 10 for reference. 


Star Runner SS with Brisk Run Gloves and Ear Warmer

I tried on the LS version and it is really, really soft. Yes, it will pill and fuzz out on you easily and look worn but it’s also super snuggly soft and warm . So it just depends on how precious you are with your run tops. If I were running lots  right now I wouldn’t care about that but for me right now this top would be worn casually and as a too and from to crossfit so I’m more concerned with it’s appearance. I’m resisting getting any of these Sun Runner Tops but if they hit markdown I’ll definitely reconsider them. 

Run At Night Shorts in Pigment Blue 

Star Runner Pullover in Pigment Blue Tonka Stripe

 Star Runner LS

 Run: Gust Buster Jacket

 New shoppers!

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