I received my Black Swan Studio Pants yesterday and despite loathing the price increase (and all price increases for that matter) I’m in love with the pants and tore the tags right off. If you don’t live in a climate where you will get a ton of use out of these than they are certainly not worth the price of premium denim, but coming from Vancouver these are already seasonally appropriate. The color matches perfectly with my Black Swan Gratitude Wrap so it’s definitely the same as last years Black Swan, and the color matches everything in my closet. I love how pinks look with Black Swan but you can virtually pair any color without looking like a color explosion unicorn (remember this gain  commercial with Wanda Sykes? Always makes me think of my colorful Lululemon). The sizing is consistent with my Dune lined Studio Pants and my Bordeaux Drama Studio Pants, loose in the waist but because of the legs I wouldn’t size down. 

*I do not use Gain on my lulu nor is this a monetized ad, just love Wanda Sykes voice over in this commercial. “Hello Ms. Lookatme!”

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