by Cristina

Shopping Report: Pop Orange CRB

July 13, 2012

I was having such a hard time deciding on the Pow Pink Swiftly SL and wether I wanted to keep it or get the v-neck instead or the upcoming LS that I finally just decided to just return it. When I can’t decide on something like that it always means I will regret that purchase later. 

Lululemon boredom has set in while I wait for a color pallet change and designs that speak to me so I opted to try on some out of my comfort zone items. Pop Orange is a color I was not at all interested in because oranges usually wash me out but I really really liked the CRB and ended up exchanging the Pow Pink Swiftly SL for it. I liked the swiftly’s as well in Pop Orange which were more subdued but those really did wash me out. They also didn’t have the Swiftly SL in Pop Orange in a 10 and although I can wear the 8 I really like a more relaxed fit so that you don’t see my belly button frowning. The Pop Orange CRB was mixed in with some Flash Light items and I was so surprised to see how close the two CRB colors were with Pop Orange being just slightly lighter. I tried on the Pop Orange Scoop Me Up Tank and the color was really pretty in that because it was slightly heathered and buttery soft. This tank is not made for my body type at all. The Heathered Pop Orange made the bottom of the tank quite sheer, but also the bust was too narrow for me and the seams cut across the middle of my bust. I’ve seen  other girls with larger busts than me pull this tank off so I think maybe I have a smaller but rounder bust or something? I don’t know. Size 10 Scoop Me Up Tank cut across my boobs so I can’t make this tank work for me even if I loved it. I was really happy with the Pop Orange Cool Racerback though and glad I decided to give it a chance. 

Sized down Swiftly SL size 8. Frowning eyebrows means ‘no likey’. 

Size 10 CRB worn with Kaki colored crops. I liked the combo.
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