Chip Wilson made a very generous contribution to the City of Vancouver recently when he purchased Yue Minjun’s Amazing Laughter statues from the Vancouver Biennale non profit group which brought the sculptures to Vancouver’s English Bay in the 2009 Biennale Festival.

Barrie Mowatt, president of  Vancouver Bienalle,  is an icon in the Vancouver art scene and has been since the early 80’s when he started introducing major works of abstract art to the Vancouver art scene right from his apartment with partner Don Buschlen (Buschlen Mowatt Galleries). He’s worked so hard brining major public art exhibitions to vancouver residents for outdoor and free enjoyment. Besides being somebody very important to Vancouver’s art history, he’s someone I’ve respected for a very long time. It thrills me that Chip Wilson made this contribution to the Vancouver Bienalle as well as having purchased this gift for the city of Vancouver. It’s been one of the most memorable and popular sculptures from the Biennale and it really does belong here. If you’re coming to Vancouver for the Sea Wheeze be sure to check the sculptures out! Thanks Chip!

Lululemon founder donates $1.5 million to keep Vancouver’s ‘A-maze-ing’ gift alive.


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