Reader Donna just received her Pow Pink In Stride Jacket from Monday nights upload and was quite disgusted in the quality of the jacket. The seams are ratty, shoddy and in several areas their are large gaps in the seams. I was attracted to the jacket on Monday night but ultimately decided not to order it be because of the shoddy seam work on the Pow Pink Define Jackets that I’d posted about before  but also because of the second picture below. You can see in that picture some purple discoloration within the logo seams. This is the same discoloration that is happening in several other dye leaching tanks and I was surprised they didn’t catch that in the website picture before it went live. 

Dear CEO Christine Day, do something about this. This is on YOU! This quality is caca! Fake lululemon purchased off the back of a truck in some dark alleyway or off a mysterious website is sewn better than this. I would not spend half the price on this let alone my time and aggravation in receiving an item like this only to have the burden of having to return it. Please, don’t treat your educators and customers like this. You may not have a passion for the product but your educators do, and this is not fair to them. 

Purple splotch above the thumb within the logo. 
You can see the utterly craptastic seam work on the cuff and also over to the right you can see the gaps in the seam work. You can also see more purple discoloration marks.

Pow Pink Define Jacket Seam Details

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