by Cristina

OOTD: Run and Crossfit

April 23, 2012

This weekend I had the Engineered Bodies/Lululemon Coquitlam Functional Fitness Workshop on Saturday and it was really great. I learned that I have limited range of motion in my lower body due to tight hamstrings, a tilted hip and tight low back. It was really eye opening to learn that after a few exercises that isolate my hamstrings I could touch my toes after which I’ve never before been able to do. After the hour long workshop all participants were emailed a PDF of all the exercises and stretches that will help to correct some of these deficiencies we have and with improving these limitations we will be better able to do the sports we love to do wether it be running, crossfit, golf or whatever. I was really impressed at this level of specialized personal training that didn’t focus on just working out but actually correcting issues with the body that can be caused by compensating for injuries that have happened in the past, or just areas of tightness (from poor running posture or working at a desk all day, any occupational habbits really) that cause other areas of your body to work harder then they are supposed to.  

Wearing my new Porcelain Swiftly Tech LS and my black Ebb and Flow Crops. The fit of the Porcelain Swiftly Tech LS is more relaxed than all my other Swiftly Tech LS’s in the same size, I kinda like the looser fit though. It’s not enough to size down in my opinion, I just wish my other LS’s fit more like this one. 

excuse the grimace, I was trying hard to follow instructions
which were ‘lower..lower..come on get down deeper’ 

Saturday I went for a short 4 mile run and I wore my Heathered Paris Pink CRB and my Chase Me Crops. I love my Chase Me Crops and how they feel on but good lord, they cause me some serious muffin top. Good thing I run alone.

This morning I went to the 6am crossfit and it was a major shoulder workout day. Box dips and Clean and Jerks after a warmup of shoulder presses. So nice to have the workout done so early in the day but man I’m still not used to getting up that early for a workout. I wore my Deep Indigo Ebb and Flow Crops, my White Jacquard Mesh CRB (favorite CRB!) and my Porcelain Ta Ta Tamer. Oh, I also took my Swiftly Tech LS with me as a layer but I didn’t really need it. 

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