OOTD: 5 Mile Run

Todays workout was a nice, slow 5.53 mile run with the jogging stroller. I was not expecting much for todays workout but I felt really good at 3 miles and just continued on for an extra loop making this my longest run with the stroller. I wore my new April Wee Are From Space CRB, my Ebb and Flow Crops and later added my Dance Studio Jacket when I got to the Starbucks for cookies and juice for the kids. I’m actually really enjoying stroller runs because I can bring my purse and jacket with me and just continue on to do errands with the kids after instead of going home and loading up the car to head out. Tomorrow I have run club with the Lululemon run club and were having a guest personal trainer come in to do a functional movement clinic. I’ll be sure to tell you guys all about it tomorrow. I’m curious to know where my muscle weaknesses are that negatively impact my day to day movements and probably contribute to my back and neck pain. 

 Post Run I got to wear my Dance Studio Jacket in Concord finally! LOVE!

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