Some great shots of the Meditate Pullover and City Practice Pant. The Meditate Pullover is looking a lot cuter than I expected it too based on just seeing it hanging but I’m definitely not in the market for it. I’m finding everything else is being eclipsed by Concord Grape, Blurred Blossom and running gear right now. Favorite purchases so far (to be in hiding until my birthday) is the No Limit Tank in Concord, Dance Studio Jacket in Concord and the Every Yogi Tank in Blurred Blossom. Blurred Blossom is much more vibrant and fun in the vitasea cotton. 

Oh! Have any of you watched The Real Housewives of Vancouver last night? There was a bit of lulu spotting but not a ton. One of the characters was wearing a Scoop Neck Tank. I bet you we will see more.  I initially thought, when I saw early write ups of the cast, that these women are so not the typical Vancouver elite that you would normally see, but in fact they are so very familiar. Right down to their phony voices. Thats the first indication of phonyness is how someone speaks I think. That long comical drawl that exaggerates and emphasizes how important they are. So funny! I thought it was really funny that these millionaire women were dining at places like Cactus Club and Earls. I know it’s probably product placement but still, those are places I ate as a teenager with my friends and now it’s the cheap dinner out with the kids kind of place, not a fancy happening place for middle aged millionaires. The Real Housewives series is so vacuous but it’s sort of stress relieving to watch something so light. I’ll definitely continue to watch it but honestly, the draw for me is more the location and not the characters. 

Meditate Pullover & City Practice Pant

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