Sorry I haven’t grouped these pictures together but there were just a ton so I just posted them in order of how I received them in a big mashup. Lots of new pictures of items we haven’t seen modeled yet. Kinda bummed. I decided not to venture to the store today thanks to our little monsoon wether this afternoon and low and behold there is a Heathered Concord Grape Every Yogi Tank in store which I would love. Boo to that!

Run: Inspire Crop

I didn’t think I’d like these based on the online picture but it looks great on all the facebook pictures I’ve seen of them so far. 

 More Run: Inspire Crops. See? These really are out of order. 

 Love the look of this jacket. So adorable in Concord. Nat ganna gettit though!

 Blurred Blossom Every Yogi Tank. Haven’t tried this tank on yet so I’m not sure how loose it’s going to fit. I ordered a size down and am keeping my fingers crossed on the fit. I like it to be relaxed but not gapping in the neckline and armholes. 

 Run: Stuff Your Bra Tank. I like the look of these but I’m keeping them on my ‘wait for markdown’ list. I really like useful pockets and am so glad that Lulu is doing such an amazing job buidling in many more pockets into the run gear. Run skirts now have the big hip pockets on the inside shorts, there are now 7 pockets on some of the run crops and this tank and the matching bra. I hate having to wear a Spi Belt to keep my stuff in on raceday so I like that I have somewhere to stash my key, money and ID, iPhone, gels, chapstick or whatever. 

There has been a lot of negative feedback on the website about the pockets on this pullover but I haven’t seen any bad pictures of the muffin top effect from the pocket liner yet. I like that the pockets are on the side and reachable rather than the back.

 Ahhhh this swiftly is so pretty.

 Every Yogi Tank in Blurred Blossom again with concord Strength and Tone Shorts

 The Concord Grape Every Yogi Tank. So pretty!!!! I have a pair of kaki crops this would look amazing with. 

 I think this is the prettiest No Limit Tank I have seen. I’ve never really gotten the NLT but this one I knew I had to get. This will be great for Crossfit. 

 Run: Stuff Your Bra Tank 

 Heathered Flash Vinyasa Scarf and City Practice Pant (luon)

 Concord Grape Every Yogi Tank with Denim White Groove Pants

 Concord Grape Eye Candy!

 Concord Grape CRB with Yogi Camp Crops

 Concord In stride Jacket with Recognition Pants in White

 Recognition Pants in White

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