I picked up this little lovely this afternoon, the No Limit Tank in Concord Grape. It’s just gorgeous. I was really wanting the Concord Run: The Marathon crops but it turns out they are low rise. Which really, really bums me out because the features on the crops as well as the color makes them otherwise perfect for me. I just can’t do a low rise in run crops. I wish I hadn’t passed on the Dance Studio Jacket in this color last week because the color is perfect for brunette with green eyes…or really anybody but I think it’s a good color for me, and now they are all out online and in my store. 

 New Run: In The Rain Jacket. Such a great jacket but not an ideal print for it in my humble opinion.

 Run: Swiftly Tech 1/2. I really love this one. 

 The Run: Wild Jacket is gorgeous in the Concord as well, and a bit tempting but it’s Waaaaaaaaaay overpriced at $178. Last years version, the Mind Over Mater Jacket was priced at $128 and that seemed really pricey at the time for a mesh jacket. There is just not a lot that this jacket can do that can’t be solved by simply wearing a Swiftly LS. It doesn’t provide much warmth or rain coverage. It’s a nice optional layer but it’s not essential to a running wardrobe, so I think it’d be better priced in the $120 range. 


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