Last night I got a product alert from Australia that had the Menthol CRB listed but below the picture it said ‘color not shown’. I’ve been digging around for similar colored product images and I’m 85% sure the image is actually the Heathered Menthol CRB. I don’t remember ever seeing a darker background like this one on a product alert. I like that they are using that for lighter colors because sometimes it’s a bit ridiculous when they are showing a white or off white product on a white background so you can see nothing of the details.

Did any of you watch Real Housewives of Vancouver  last night? Lots of lulu sighting on that episode since it featured two of the characters and their workouts. Reiko was wearing some Run: Cross Train Crops and a Scoop Neck Tank and later a black CRB. Ronnie  (wasn’t her workout in her ‘dojo’ so funny?) was wearing an Under Armor Pullover I think with Wunder Unders and then later a black CRB. So boring! I want to see them wearing colorful lulu. You just know they have a closet full of lulu. They must! This past weekend I was in West Vancouver and the amount of full on lulu outfits that I saw was insane. You can always see lulu on any street of Vancouver but this was different. This was 3-4 peaces of lulu per woman. It was like a walking lululemon catalogue.

Cool Racerback Heathered Menthol

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