Well crap!!! April is turing out to be a dangerous month of product drops. I just received my Rose Quartz Jacquard Mesh CRB and I’m in love. It’s soft but not fragile or overly stretchy, it feels cottony and fits really, really nicely and TTS. If you float between two sizes in the CRB depending on fit than you can safely go up a size. Makes me hate those polyestery CRB’s even more. I think the torso fits the same as most of my other CRB’s but the only difference in fit is that the scoop is a bit higher so less bra showing at the cleavage. I think it’s because the straps are shorter not so much the overall length of the tank. It’s a bit sheer in that you can see my sad belly button but it’s not indecently sheer. I’d probably wear this with a regular nude bra underneath without a worry. 

The Concord Grape Studio Crops. I love them. they are gorgeous and not as high commitment to crazy color as the pants are. The color goes beautifully with Rose Quartz, Blurred Blossom print, White… I just worry that these are not as closet versatile as black or coal would be. I know, very boring. I’m going to hang on to them for a bit and then decide if I’m swapping them for grey. What do you guys think??? I definitely need opinions. 

Lots of items from this month are going to have to go back and it’s going to be really tough deciding on just a few items to keep.

**Fabric composition of the CRB is:  94% Nylon, 6% Lycra Spandex**


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