Monday, June 17, 2024

Photos Of The Latest: Run Chase Me Tank, Swiftly Tech LS’s and Tracker ii Shorts, Speed Shorts

by Cristina

Some of these photos are of items uploaded online last week that are just now getting to stores. 

Two new Run: Chase Me Tanks in Discovery Stripe and Quiet Stripe

 Run Swiftly LS in White. I’ve really been wanting to see this one in person. I was interested in ordering it but hesitated out of concern that it would be too see thru and that it would look ‘uncolored’ instead of white. I know that sounds weird but sometimes if the white isn’t crisp to me it just looks like raw undyed fabric. Also worn here with the Jacquard/Fossil Tracker shorts. 

 Ultraviolet/White Run: Swiftly LS. 

 Flash Speed Short. These are Special Edition ones with bonded seams. 

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