More On The Upload: Concord Grape and Blush Quartz

Thanks to an eagle eyed reader for catching this one last night because I sure didn’t see it. I tend to miss a lot more on these midnight uploads when I’m trying very hard to stay awake. Anyways, Run Tracker Shorts ii were uploaded last night in Concord Grape and Blush Quartz/Wee Stripe Blush Quartz. The Concrord Grape is probably the same purple we see in some of the banner picture sneak peeks and it makes me really exited to see a nice purple coming.  I just picked up a new nail polish by Essie called No More Film and it looks identical to the tracker shorts, kind of a creamy violet. A new favorite. I find Concord Grape to be similar to Lolo Purple but it’s got a touch more blue to it and it’s creamier if that makes sense.

Sneak peeks at Concord Grape? 

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