I briefly tried on the Daily Tank today and really liked it a lot. I think if you have narrow shoulders the straps may slid down on you but for me they were quite comfortable and stayed in place. I wore a regular bra underneath it and it was totally concealed which is such a huge bonus, especially for wearing casually. I wish the Concord Grape one came in solid instead of heathered but I still liked the color a lot. I especially loved the Blurred Blossom one underneath my Dune Transition Wrap. 

 I’m loving this outfit combination and especially how the Ultraviolet CRB looks under Concord. I’m so tempted by the Dance Studio Jacket but it’s not a style of jacket I would often wear so I know better then to fall for the trap simply because it looks stunning in Concord Grape. 

 I happened to try on the Daily Tank with this same wrap and I loved the combo with jeans for casual wear. So pretty! Concord Grape also looks great with this wrap.

 Blurred Blossom Daily Tank under the Concord Grape Dance Studio Jacket. Another great combo.

 The Bliss Bag in Rose Quartz. Also very cute!

 This is also such a cute combination. I would have never have thought to add the Heathered Rocksteady (or Royalty) pullover with this print but it looks really cute.

 Aquamarine also looks cute paired with this print.

 It’s a Cinch Dress was also tempting me but I can pass on this since I’ll likely only wear it as a tunic anyways.


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