Many thanks to Ms. L all the way in Australia for trying on the new Daily Tank for us. Her store only had the Flash and Black in and not the Concord Grape one I posted earlier today. It’s luon light and perhaps slightly thinner than a CRB but I think thats probably because it’s not heathered. There is a seam running down the centre of the back but she says she couldn’t feel it and it wasn’t a bother at all. She tried on both the size 8 and 10 and was happiest with the fit of the 10, I believe she goes with both sizes in CRB’s just like I do. She feels the fit may be slightly slimmer than the CRB but also slightly longer so the extra length could be why it felt a bit narrower in the torso. The price in Australian dollars is $59 which is the same price as their CRB’s so my guess is that in North America we will see these priced at $42 (I miss $39 CRB’s). They are reversible just like CRB’s. Also worth noting, she is wearing a regular non sports bra underneath this and it is completely covered in the front and only a little bit of straps show in the back. I love that I can wear a regular bra with these!! (Mr. Lulumum is happy when I don’t have a uni boob and wear real bras) Logo is on the bottom left at the hip (also a detail I like, it’s much less obvious).  I know for sure I’ll be getting this in Concord Grape once it’s out. I cannot wait. Again, thanks so much to Ms. L for her trip to the store, pictures and fit review. I so appreciate when readers can send in reviews or pictures (even if I suck at responding to email sometimes and saying thank you, my inbox is a total clusterf**ck).

Size 8 Daily Tank in solid Flash

 Size 10 Daily Tank

 Her black Size 8 CRB layered over the Size 8 Daily Tank

Heathered Concord Grape Daily Tank

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