Photos Of The Latest: Run Rest Day Pullover, Ride On Blazer, Shorts, Crops and Pants, Ride On Henley

Run: Rest Day Pullover with Ride On Crops

Ride On Henley with Energizer Pants

Ride On Pants paired with Ride On Henley

Ride On Blazer paired with Ride On Shorts

I bet you Lululemon CEO Christine Day rides to work and would wear something like this. Vancouver is a very cyclist friendly city and many downtown workers (suits and all) ride in from the suburbs, then lock up their bikes and shower at work. The Burrard Street Bridge has recently added a bike lane, and removed a car lane to accommodate these cyclists. I find a lot of people that ride to work are of the wealthier professions who can afford all of the accessories related to cycling and have a more flexible start time for work. Personally, this line is not my cup of tea but I do see how it will appeal to the commuting downtown Vancouver professional. 

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