Monday, June 24, 2024

High Brow, Low Brow: Winners Knock Off The Lululemon Tinted Canvas Print

by Cristina

This has got to be the best Lululemon knock off so far. Reader Winnie found this Sansara Yoga Clothing brand tank at Winners (a Canadian retailer much like Marshall’s in the US) for 19.99 and it is an almost exact replica of the Lululemon Tinted Canvas Print Full Eagle Tank. Many Canadian retailers such as Zellers and Joe Fresh (Loblaws) have come up with really great quality lululemon replica items such as the Audrey Jacket but this one is surprising because it’s the same print, color scheme and tank design. 

Sansara, Winners $19.99

Lululemon Full Eagle Tank

Full Eagle Tank, Tinted Canvas Print

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