Friday, June 14, 2024

Store Report: Pure Balance Jacke, Run: Stay On Course Crop and More

by Cristina

There wasn’t a ton new at Coquitlam Lulu today but I think they now get the really big shipments in on Tuesdays/Wednesdays which I keep forgetting about. I did try on the Pure Balance Jacket in Paris Pink that I’ve been lusting after but I felt like it was just a little too bright on me. They also had them in in black and coal but I’d like a non neutral in this jacket and I wasn’t totally sold on the Paris Pink one. I’ve wanted this jacket since it was first out last year and passed only because it only came in Coal/White and Black. I really hope it comes out again in other colors because a Currant Red or Persian Purple/Power Purple or Pigment Blue would be just gorgeous! Or even one with Elevation Space Dye incorporated into the jacket!!!!  I can sort of sense that this Pure Balance Jacket in paris pink will be my unicorn in a year or two. 

I also tried on the Turn Around LS in Paris Pink and it was suuuuper soft and cozy but something about the looped knit material seems like it will get fuzzy really quickly on me and that keeps deterring me from picking one up. My store still hasn’t gotten in the Swiftly Tech LS’s in Paris Pink yet and thats another item that’s been on my wish list. I’d have ordered it online but it seems that every time I order online nowadays my order processes for days on end before it cancels out so I try to stick to in store purchases if I know the item I want is there.

Coquitlam had all of the new No Limit Tanks in today as well and some new run crops called Run: Stay on Course Crops and the new limited edition Ruffle Cool Racerback Tanks but no The Cozy Coats. I picked up Trek Pants and Formula Pants for my husband for Christmas with Mariah’s (best Lulu educator of all time) help and hopefully I can get a fit report for you ladies hoping to get your husbands some lulu for Christmas. I’m a little bit clueless when it comes to Lululemon mens pants and mens workout clothing in general since my husband buys all of his own clothes but I’ll see what he’s willing to share about the fit (coming from a non lulu junkie perspective of course). 

Disappointing shopping trip for me though, as much as I really like the current color palette of Paris Pink, I really really find I gravitate to Elevation Space Dye much more than I do the solid Pink. I’m sad that there were not more items in this print to choose from such as a Stride Jacket or a Cool Racerback Tank or Running Luon Pullover. Paris Pink is great in a tank top for me but it’s a lot of commitment to wear sooo much of it. 

Run: Stay On Course Crops

 Very curios what the price for the Cozy Jacket is. I prefer the style of the Off The Mat jacket to this one but if you passed on the OTM due to the bulk at the neckline than you may love this style. I think I just don’t love that it’s cotton on the outside and fleece on the inside. 

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