Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve Refresher

by Cristina

The last few weeks of product drops have been absolutely insane not only in new items coming out but items in multiple color options, I can see why there are extra product drops throughout the week and possibly an extra upload day on Tuesdays (not verified yet). Is it just me or does this year seem to have more options for everything? 4-5 trench style jackets? Last year we only had two trench style jackets. I’m so surprised that this week and last week we have seen sparkle scubas, regular scubas, printed scubas and special edition scubas. In fact, in the last month and a bit we’ve now seen 3 similarly pink scubas and one pink cuddle up coming. Heathered Rose Petal Scuba and Dusty Rose (or was that Paris Pink?) are nearly identical save for the logo and heathering. Last year we had just the Post Run Pullover for a fleece option and this year we’ve had 3 fleece pullover/jackets.  I’m not complaining at so much selection, I think it’s great except my wallet and budget thinks it’s totally awful and have made me veto things that I would have loved to have. I think Lulu is really getting it right this year as far as styles, color palettes and selection (too bad about e-commerce issues and some customer service policies that could use some attention).  I might even say that these Fall/Winter items are hitting the same note that Lulu had back in 2009 (year of the fuzzy fleece, spirit pullover, cuddle ups and gratitude wrap) which may be why sales have slowed down on the resale groups (lots of people have mentioned poorer sales). I’m having a hard time keeping on budget right now, I know I really want the Cabin LS’s that are coming out this week and I have room for that but I’m liking the Paris Pink Hustle Jacket and the Paris Pink Cuddle Up and I’m sadly having to pass on them along with many other items because they are all coming out at once. Hopefully so much selection means great markdowns later on. Probably not as soon as Cyber Monday for these items but maybe for Boxing Day which is frighteningly just around the corner. 

Tomorrow I’m hoping to pick up the Ombre Striped Cabin Tee Long Sleeve that just came in on a product alert email but I’m also hoping for strength in resisting all the other items I’m pining over but just  can’t justify. What are you guys hoping to see in tomorrows upload? Are you keeping to a budget or are you spending way over budget thanks to all of the selection this year? 

*All be updating these pictures as more come in*

Cool Racerback Tank

Pigment Blue

Cabin Tee Long Sleeve

Run: Hustle Jacket

Run: Essential Jacket

Run: Your Heart Out Crop

Run: Your Heart Out Tight

Run: Free Pant

Run: For It Pant

Paris Pink Cuddle Up Jacket

Scuba Hoodie

Run Your Heart Out Tank

Hot N Sweaty Tank

Run: Pace-Setter Skirt

Run: Speed Shorts Special Edition

Define Jacket Paris Pink

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