New! Triumphant Tote Creekside Camo Print and a New Plum Stride Jacket

I’m drawn to this Creekside Camo Print but I’m not sure that I love it. 

Triumphant Tote, Creekside Camo Print

Strides have been off my radar for a while but I must admit this Plum Stride Jacket and the Black Swan are tempting me a bit

Stride Jacket, Plum, Black Swan Heathered Plum Mini Checkered Stripe

  1. Ohhhh I want an In Stride in plum! I hope they make one of those too. And an inspire pullover! Have been waiting forever for them to bring them back!

  2. Ohhh…a black swan SFT would be awesome too!

    Btw, Lulumum, love the new background — is that a Rocksteady gradient microstripe scuba?

  3. I would like the camo print in a CRB! It is a bit much for a bag (too busy), IMHO. Love the Stride…this is the first Stride that's tempted me!

  4. @Janet, yes, that is the Rocksteady Gradient Microstripe scuba logo. I need to catch a brighter picture of it though.

  5. Speaking of the SFT, where are they? Has anyone heard if there are more coming out? The educator at my store said that they may have been discontinued. I would be devastated!

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