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Fit Review: Run: Dog Runner Pants

October 18, 2011

I’ve been hemming and hawing for the past 4 weeks on what pants to get and have gone from wanting black Dance Studio Pants to Grooves to Tadasana Crops. I sort of need crops for Crossfit but I also sort of want long pants for lounging in and wearing with scubas and run pullovers. These Dog Runner Pants got my attention because they are so simply designed without some of the funky seam details or ruching that lulu usually puts on their track style pants. They are a strait cut pant made of glyde so it also doesn’t have those faint lines you see with the Dance Studio Pants that are made of Swiftly.

I tried on my Dance Studio Pant size which is size 10 and initially I thought I needed to size up to a 12 which my store didn’t have (and it seems like they don’t even come in a 12) but now that I’m home and looking at pictures I think the 10 is the right size. My one bone to pick with these is that since there is an inside running luon legging/liner and the pants are slightly fitted thru the upper thigh, if you have athletic thighs the inside pocket liner will drag against the inner liner and it may bunch up a bit which you can see in some of the pictures below. So my ruling on these pants is that they are TTS but slightly more fitted than DSP pants…but also it has 4-way stretch instead of the DSP’s 2-way so they are just as comfortable. I wish they could make these in an unlined version as well because I love the simple streamlined design of them compared to the Dance Studio Pants, Yoga Camp Pants and other track style pants. 

The inside liner is long and super soft running luon. It takes a minute or two of adjusting them so they fit properly underneath the pants but once they are on right they are snugly soft. These pants are a bit warm for lounging around inside a warm house but they will be perfect for running on very cold days, going for walks and especially for Trick or Treating on Halloween. If it rains on Halloween I’ll be totally set since these are durable water repellent.  The length of the pants are pretty much the same as the DSP’s and the rise is slightly higher than the DSP’s which works better for me as far as muffin top prevention.  For $9 more than DSP’s these are a great price considering they are double layered two pants in one. I highly recommend these pants if you are in need of a cold weather out door pant. I didn’t love last years Dog Whisperer Pants because they had a really unflattering huge upper thigh pocket meant to fit a tennis ball for your dog and a 10lb bag of kibble so you can see how those would ad unflattering bulk to someone with big quads. 

Run: Dog Runner Pants

In these pictures you can faintly see the pockets thru the glyde liner and see how they would look if they bunched a bit with more athletic thighs. 

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18 responses to “Fit Review: Run: Dog Runner Pants”

  1. Mémé says:

    I like it a lot on you! You make me want a pair :)))

  2. Anonymous says:

    These pants look fantastic on you! I love the more streamlined look. Didn't think I needed them until I saw your pics… Now I can't wait to get my hands on a pair. I hope they show up in US stores soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am SOOO getting these! Thanks for the review!!!

    The past few weeks I had been searching for last year's outward bound pants…but decided against them. These dog runner pants fit the bill!

  4. Crystal says:

    Thank for this – I now have my eye on these. I'm pretty warm overall so I'm wondering if I'll find these too warm for hanging out – I like my Outward Bounds for cold runs. Appreciate all the sizing feedback & fit details. They look great on you !

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bought these today and love them. I didn't like last years version with the weird pocket and love these because they are simple. I also love that they have a running luon liner, so comfy. I love these so much, I might get a 2nd pair. These are already hitting US stores this week.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They look great one you. I totally agree, sometimes it's nice to have pants without all the ruching and detail. I have the community pants from a couple of years ago and I find that in the winter they hold the static. I love them though they are great to wear over other pants too. Thanks for the fit review. Awesome as usual.

  7. Anonymous says:

    these look fantastic on you! I have no clue why you would even consider not doing fit reviews! 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    @ anon 4:49,

    Agreed 100%!! These look awesome on you 🙂

  9. N says:

    I also think they look great on you! The fabric and cut of the leg look flattering! I'm anxious to try these, but my local store didn't have them today when I went in. I have athletic thighs, so I am excited to try these as an alternative to my many DSPs!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing! You look great, and now I am sold!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have a pair of these from 2 years ago and they look identical. I agree about last years not being as flattering. They are worth the money. Mine still look like new. I do wear them for walking my dogs, however I do not care to run in them. I prefer a warmer running tight with the ourward bound pant over top for really cold weather. Great looking pant!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I didn't think I wanted these pants at all until I saw your fit review! They look great on you!! Can't wait to try them on!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You look great, like always! keep up the awesome work on your blog! Your an amazing and beautiful women! and you deserve to be complimented all the time!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the review!
    How are you liking crossfit? I would love to read another update from you.
    As far as crops go for crossfit, I really like luxtreme because they keep my pretty cool. Just make sure they aren't too see through at the bottom of a squat. 🙂 I go a size up from my wunder unders to avoid this.
    I usually wear gather/boogie shorts or speed shorts to crossfit, but I'm thinking I'm going to get a pair of DSPs to wear over them to/from. I've never tried DSPs…should I wait until they come out with the lined version again?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the review. I hadn't planned on trying these, but now I think I will.
    I have last years pants and love them. The fleece is so cozy for going out and about on snowy days. I didn't mind the tennis ball pocket. It contained a cord to cinch them up, and as a shorty, I appreciate anything that helps with the length.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Are these worth it for long dog walks in the pouring rain? I do tend to heat up during after I initially get going. Maybe they would be too hot for me?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I just bought these based on your review and they are AWESOME!!! Sold out online in my size but found the second to last pair at my local store. Thank you so much, and to echo everyone else on here – they look super cute on you 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the fit review – they look great on you and like others have said, I wouldn't even be considering them if it weren't for your review. My question is, does anyone think these would work for cross-country skiing?

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