Cuddle Ups Are Here!

Lots of you have been patiently waiting for the Cuddle Up Jacket to finally arrive ever since we saw a sneak peak of them on this product alert from August 30th from a store that mistakenly sent it out. I think the Black (or is that Black Swan) and Ghost are the new cuddle ups but the second two are possibly Lilac and then I think thats last years Wish Blue Cuddle Up but I’m not too sure. Nope, It’s probably Black, Ghost, Lilac, Black Swan. Last years Lilac had contrast stitching on the logo so this one is definitely new.

Black, Ghost, Heathered Lilac and Heathered Black Swan

  1. So Cuddle Up jackets are in…any word on Cuddle Up pants? They are my absoloute fave (I am actually wearing a pair roght now lol) and I really want another pair or 2.

  2. hmm I wondered if that end one was black swan. I'd be surprised if they did that pose with a mix of this years and lasts cuddle ups so it must be. Not loving the BS in that material.

  3. Good eye!! I'll be headed to the store for around 10:30 and hopefully there are lots of new pinks in. Seems silly that they would hold back part of the pallet for December.

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