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Triumph Tote Details, Destiny Duffel and Method Wrap

July 28, 2011

This looks like possibly a Raspberry or Dewberry Triumph Tote. I’m leaning towards this being Raspberry since some stores got Raspberry Swiftly LS’s in today and I think this will be part of the newest August color palette along with Rocksteady. I’m really in the mood for pinks all of a sudden so Raspberry is looking really pretty. Can’t wait to see a running pullover in this color. In this bag though I think I’m leaning towards Magnum. 

Triumph Tote

Note: The product description may be incorrect since the URL for this product alert was for the Hot Yoga Hobo. 

Destiny Duffel

This bag seems to have an embossed image on it so I’m guessing it may be ‘Nesting Black Bird’

 Method Wrap

A new Method Wrap colorway. Maybe ‘Nesting Blackbird’ Print on the inside, Ghost or Pigeon on the outside. 

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