Running Gear: Double Jogging Stroller

 Well after a few months of a lulu shopping hiatus I was able to splurge on a Chariot Cougar jogging/cycling stroller. I think this is a really great investment since it can be used year round and is totally enclosed, can be adapted to a bicycle, jogging or hiking and it has a high resale value. I’m sort of wondering why I didn’t do this earlier after spending an entire 14 months of depending on others to get out for my runs. I did “need” and enjoy my me time away from the kids on my runs but at least now I can use this for my weekday training runs and get my alone runs in on the weekends.

I’ve been really lazy this past month with my running but I think I was feeling a little burnt out at struggling to fit in training runs in for my half marathon last month. It wasn’t so much the amount of running I was doing but it was such a chore to find ways to squeeze my runs in based on everyone else’s schedules. It was certainly doable, it was just a big chore and there were times when I felt really burdened by my training. I’m really looking forward to the new challenge of learning to run while pushing a heavy stroller and getting some upper body work in as well. This should be just the spark I need to re ignite my running.  I think this is as good a challenge as training for a half marathon and may possibly make me a faster runner.

 Do any of you have running tips and techniques for me running with a double jogging stroller? 



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