Friday, June 14, 2024

Monday Product Drop

by Cristina

Message In A Bottle Manifesto Print Long Sleeve (guessing at the name)

I really like the Lacey Lulu Hotshorts in Surge with the MIAB print but I’m not loving it in this distressed, bleached version of it. I hope there is a version that is Surge and not distressed. Also, I really hope it’s not burnout material (and I suspect it is) because those snag and develop holes wickedly easy. I made the mistake of purchasing the V Neck Manifesto Burnout last year for $88 and it lasted one wearing. Poo! All of the v-necks on the rack that I saw after the one I purchased all had holes in them so make sure to inspect yours carefully if you decide to get this. 

Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket in Heathered Navy now in Canada

Deep Breath Tank

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