Monday Product Drop

Lots of new product hit the store today including that Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket in Grapeseed I’ve been hoping and waiting for. Maybe next month! I’m on a Lululemon hiatus for an as yet undetermined amount of time (at least a week, maybe a month, maybe all summer). I really want to feel valued as a customer when I spend my hard earned money so although I really, really want this Sing, Floss Travel Jacket it wont kill me to wait for it. And it wont kill me to miss out on it either. The Dance Studio Jacket in Grapeseed is lovely as well. I wonder what other colors it will come in. 

Reflective Cycling Jersey 

 Reflective Sport Dress, made of Luxtreme with Reflective Tape.

 Illuminate Bra with Reflective Tape detailing

 Sun Blocker in Pink Mist

 Bliss Dress, with pockets!

 Bliss Tank, Heathered Sand Dune

 Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket: Heathered Grapeseed

 Dance Studio Jacket: Grapeseed

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