Monday, June 17, 2024

Lets Look At Pretty Pictures of Clothes Now.

by Cristina

Today I got my Pink Mist Modern Racer Tank and I must say it is my top favourite. It’s so pretty and soft. I think the Pink Mist one is the softest of my Modern Racer Tanks. 

Willpower Tech SS

Bliss Tank

I really liked the Bliss Tank from last year and had purchased two for casual wear which I later sold when they got to be too big. The bust portion is luxtreme and the body is tencil which looks like silk. In a tank like this, the qualities of Tencil are quite lovely. If I hadn’t already purchased a few flowy tanks for this year already I would feel very tempted by the Bliss Tank in Pink Mist. 

Eagle Tank

Lovely ridged stitching detail on this tank. 

Waltz Pants

These are interesting. Reversible!

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