I have a really silly reason for being turned off by both of these shorts today and you may or may not agree with me.  I’m a bit picky on the fabric of board shorts. I hate them to feel stiff and starchy like some shorts are and I like the more flexible soft ones which these were, but they must, must be matte. And these shorts where not matte. They sort of had a satiny polyestery glean to them which was especially noticeable in the solid black and grey ones. 

Paradise Short Shorts  ($58)

The short shorts surprisingly fit the best on me (size 10). They were indeed short and I wouldn’t wear shorts this length as street wear but as pool side or beachwear the length was perfect. They were wide legged and the rise was right (could have been a tidge higher but they were fine) and over all these fit me way better then the Do It All II shorts. If you have athletic legs and are leaning towards the long version of these shorts, give these a try first. I liked the softness and stretch of the fabric but these white/Surge ones where a bit too shear for me, especially since my bikini is camo green. I loved the eyelet detailing around the pockets and I would have gone with the black or coal ones but they had that sheen to them and it made them look kind of cheapy. Also, shine on bigger thighs is not flattering. So these were a pass for me, and if they come in other colors later on I’ll consider them but I didn’t feel the need to grab these for my upcoming beach vacation. I do need to replace my current board shorts which are white because when we last went to Hawaii the sand stained my pants with dirt stains over the back. I’m not sure if these lighter colored shorts will stain the same way that mine did with certain sands but from now on I will be buying darker board shorts. 

Paradise Long Shorts ($68)

I tried these shorts on in black and I immediatly hated the fit on me. They were too matronly a length on my shorter legs and the pockets puff out. The pockets bubbled out on the thickest part of my thighs. Pass!

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