Many of you may recognize the name Eion Finn from the Lululemon website or from seeing his DVD’s The Pursuit of Happy HipsThe Blissology Project and Power Yoga For Happines 2 The Surf Edition in Lululemon stores. Eion Finn has been a Lululemon ambassador since the very beginning and it’s hard not to notice and recognize this hunky surf yogi on the cover of his DVD’s whilst browsing the tank wall. 

Oprah Magazine mentions Eion Finn on page 40 of the June 2011 edition and proclaims “We like this guy!” I’ll have to agree with her on this one. I own two of his DVD’s and although the Power Yoga for Happiness Surf Edition is a bit hard for me at the moment (it’s hard core upper body and core work) I really love his The Pursuit of Happy Hips DVD. It’s challenging but not overly hard, It’s a great workout and the scenery throughout Vancouver and Whistler is amazing. Reading this short article has reminded me I want to start using these DVD’s again while my running is a bit aimless after my half marathon.

Have any of you tried his DVD’s yet?

Eion circa 1990                              current picture of Eion. 


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