Upload Thursday

Well, upload happend rather late today (10am) and it was a big mystery wether or not it was going to happen but Lululemon finally confirmed that an upload would happen at some point. I ordered the Surge CRB and if it arrives tomorrow I may like to wear it to BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in two days. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t see the Pink Mist Modern or the Tango Red CRB but since I wont get the tango red before my marathon I wont bother getting it after and so I’m happy to save the money for something else.  I really love that the Run Get Up and Go Jacket is priced at $128. If you don’t have a run jacket yet and are considering this one you should just bite the bullet because that’s a fantastic price (other run jackets from lulu have been priced at $189!).

What did you buy today? and were you peeved to be in the dark about wether an upload would happen or not? 

Surge Blue Cool Racerback Tank

Get Up and Run

Still Water Blue Dip Dye Scuba Hoodie

Bow Tie Tee

Your Best Breath Wrap

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