Tango Red Cool Racerback Tank

Cool Racerback Tank

A reader from the US informed me today that she spotted this solid (non static) Tango Red Cool Racerback Tank in her product alert. I’m not a huge fan of the static Tango Red so I may pick up this CRB when it comes to my store. I’m not in need of more CRB tanks but a nice true red is a staple I think so if this doesn’t come in a Modern Racer Tank then I may snag this in the CRB. Although I do like the idea of wearing a red top for running so the technical tank may be the way to go. If you believe in color therapy then red is an energizing and powerful color. I wish this was out in time for my marathon but I’m already starting to narrow down my outfit. The red is a good choice for letting my family find me in the massive crowd for photo ops come race day. Oh well 🙁

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