How to Wear The Mudra Wrap 3 Ways

I thought I’d be helpful and show you how to wear the Mudra Wrap three different ways now that I’ve had time to play around with how I like to wear it.

This one I wore it with the buttons attached on the inside and then the remaining flaps tucked up into the neck on opposite ends. When you button up the buttons across the chest it doesn’t look very nice but this way it looks much better and not too lumpy. ps. that is not dust on my table, I’m pet sitting two cockatiel birds and they are so messy with their food. 

This way, I tied the longer pieces in the back and pulled the back flap out over top. This can be done in a much neater way then I’m showing you here with the back flap pulled out further on the sides but this way you can see what I did. 

This is the same as above but with the shorter flaps rolled underneath. 

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