Monday, June 17, 2024

Upload Thursday ~ So Far…

by Cristina

Darn it, the tank I wanted, Modern Racer Tank in Iris Wee Stripe, was never uploaded today. Also, I suddenly decided that I want an Iris colored bra such as the Arise Bra or even better the Free to Be. No new Swiftly Tech Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves for Canada again. I’m really surprised the upload wasn’t huge today since the product drop in Vancouver stores on Monday was massive. Boy it took a loooooong time today and was very frustrating with products that uploaded and then disappeared and then reappeared again. I didn’t need to get anything today but I wanted to see the Modern in a size up for comparison but I think I’m just going to keep the size 6. I have 3 from last year in size 12 and two 10’s and they’re so big that I wear them for sleeping in and as an underlayer but never on it’s own.

Did you guys buy anything today? did you find upload frustrating as well??

Aura Jacket
 love this jacket!! I also really like the one with Violaceous stripes.

Dance Studio Jacket
I like the DSJ a lot but I think If I like the Pure Focus Jacket better because of the sheer luon design. 

Pure Focus Tank
Prettiest tank ever!!

Run Record-Breaker Jacket
This jacket did not fit me well at all in an 8 so I would have gotten it in a 10. 

Scuba Hoodie Grey Unicorn Tears

Loot page going on hiatus???

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