Thursday, April 25, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve

by Cristina

I’m actually getting pretty excited about tomorrows upload since I’m liking a lot of what we’ve seen so far in stores and product alerts. I need to narrow down my wish list though because it’s unreasonably large at the moment and a few items are going back to the store or passed on to friends that have called dibs. Keeping my Hot Class Tank in Violaceous for sure, Wren Dance Studio Crops and biding adieu to Calm and Cozy in Concord Grape and Dance Studio Pants in Wren.

I think what I like best of the current items is the color palette and how the colors work together. It’s a mix of neutrals, muted earthy tones, and bright jewel tones with heathering and wee stripes that coordinate well together which is not what lulu usually does. Lulu palettes like Oasis/Alarm/Citron or Flush/Sprinkler or Wish/Pig Pink/Citron are lovely palettes but not enough attention was paid to coordinating items so If you were a fan of say Wish, you stock up on wish items and not necessarily the other two colors. then your left wondering what you can wear with the color you chose other then Black/White/Grey. The palette just seems a lot fuller then usual.  Has anyone else found this to be true?

Anyways, I can tell I’m going to be in trouble on tomorrows upload and I’m thinking I’ll be picking up a Cool Racerback tank in Unicorn Tears but I also think I may like future versions of Unicorn Tears Print better in the brown/pink tones. I also really like the Iris Wee Stripe Cool Racerback Tank, but is it exciting enough that if I pass on it I will regret it? I love the Pure Balance Tank in the color combination of Wren/Iris but would I really wear the tank? It’s a try on item first for sure before I commit. I love the In Stride but really don’t need it so I will feel momentarily swayed and then I will move on. The Live Healthy Wrap is my biggest temptation at the moment. I’d much rather see the Heathered Iris knit in a sweater but I do use wraps quite often. I think I just don’t love the shape of the Wrap but the love of the color may win me over in the end.

*sigh* so many possibilities. What are you guys hoping for in tomorrows upload? 

LIve Healthy WrapIn Stride Jacket

Cool Racerback Pure Balance Tank

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