Friday, April 12, 2024

Run: Pace Setter Pullover in Iris

by Cristina

This new Pace Setter Pullover is gorgeous. The lack of contrast color, static pattern and obvious circle mesh makes it so simple and pretty. I’m not in the market for another pullover but I’m excited about this color “Iris’ which looks pinker then Lilac Snow which has a slight grey/purple undertone. Iris also seems about two tones darker then Lilac Snow. I may be totally wrong though and this may very well also be Lilac Snow. I think this color will look particularly gorgeous paired with Heathered Poison Ivy and Wren which I posted about earlier today.

Run Pace Setter Pullover Iris

RUN: Pace-Setter PulloverRUN: Pace-Setter PulloverAlternate View

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