I rarely get to the Factory Outlet anymore but I made my husband pull over on our way home from errands this afternoon and the Outlet was chock a block full of people shopping. I didn’t buy anything today (I was on the lookout for Power Purple items and in particular a long sleeve swiftly) but I did see some interesting things. The most interesting was a rack of about 10 Cabin LS tee’s in Sprinkler/Heathered Ash Tropic Stripe size 8 on for $59 (these surprised me), a 5yr Pima (or similar) in Aruba, huge rack of Rejuvenate Jackets on for $59, lots of unlined black Studio Pants for $89. A few Factory Reject (stamped FR) Savasana Wraps, and a sample design wrap in Heathered Ivory that was similar (sort of) to the Gratitude Wrap but the front panel was cable knit. There was also an interesting Black Stride like Jacket with panels at the shoulders and chest of windbreaker material in a bright orange. Black Studio Jackets and an interesting Hot Hottie Bag in puffy nylon neon orange with embossed print.

My temptations today were the Aruba Pima tee, Power Y in Static Wish and Dash Tights (but they only had them in size 2 & 4). In the end I got nothing because I hate ‘final sale’ items with minimal savings. If I had seen something on my need list I may have gotten them but I hate impulse buys at the Outlet, I always regret them.

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