Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Color Comparisons

by Cristina

Thanks to a reader for sending in these comparisons from her 2010/2011 headband collection. If you have headbands from this year or last that you would like to share for color comparisons please feel free to email them to me ([email protected]). A little color therapy is great when the pictures are slow to come out from Lululemon. For more color comparison photos check out Lulu Addicts post from this afternoon.

Really great shot of all the teal/aqua blues from this year and last. I wish we had one with Angel Blue as well as Beachy Green included. 

And this is the yellow/greens from 2010. I would love to have a Rubber Ducky headband which I haven’t seen in stores yet. Also, Mac N Cheese would have been a great addition.

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