Saturday, May 25, 2024

Upload Thursday

by Cristina

This was a super disappointing upload for me. I was looking forward to using my Pay Pal balance to get the Run Swiftly LS and In Stride Light Grey Pique and the new W Run Brisk Ear Warmers.  I also expected to see much more uploaded today considering the huge product dump in stores this week.  Where you disappointed with the upload too? perhaps we can convince Lulu to load up a few more items throughout the day for us if we pester them enough (in the comments section here, don’t actually call to pester them). It’s snowing here today and I have no desire to go out to the stores. 

The Scuba Hoodie uploaded today is the newest Aruba one but it’s listed as Heathered Beachy Green Heathered Aruba so I’m not sure which one you would get if you ordered it. No No Limit Tanks for Canada yet. Are we outraged?

Scuba Hoodie ‘Heathered Beachy Green Heathered Aruba’

Endeavor Duffel

Effortless Tote

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