Saturday, June 15, 2024

Upload Thursday ~ My Temptations

by Cristina

Looks like Upload has wrapped up. Notable mentions are the newest  Poncho Stripe Hustle Jackets and Black Pique In Stride Jacket. No Ikat Cool Racerback Tank or the newest Scuba Hoodies were uploaded today. The Ikat Cool Racerback didn’t surprise me since I haven’t seen it in local stores yet. I’m really liking Rubber Ducky, Aruba and Purple Crush and I hope we see more items released in these colors for a while longer. I particularly want to see a Heathered Aruba item such as a Scuba hoodie or Live Simply Tee. I need to replace my Tranquil Crops that I got in the summer and really, I didn’t love the crops but I did love the Heathered Aruba it came in so I will be mad at myself if I miss out on something in Aruba. 

What did you guys buy today or feel tempted by?

I’m not a big fan of yellow unless it’s a soft buttercup yellow like Rubber Ducky or Chirp. I’m feeling so tempted by this CRB but I’m not in need of another one so I would like to see another tank or shirt in Rubber Ducky. I may pull the trigger on it though and sell a few CRB’s to make room. Whaddaya think?

Cool Racerback Tank Rubber Ducky. 

Savasana Wrap Heathered Heron Grey/Coal Strata Stripe

Now that I’m seeing more pictures of the newest Savasana Wraps on Facebook I’m convinced that the wrap fit me better then the last run of wraps in the early fall.  This color is quite lovely but I’m holding out for the Gratitude Wrap. Eventually I would like a Savasana Wrap.

Speed Up Tank Purple Crush. 

I like this tank but the Light Up Tanks in Summer where priced a little high at $68 and with the reflective strips removed I think the price should reflect that.  Purple Crush sure is pretty in luxtreme though.

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