Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Store Report ~ Uh Oh…I Came Home With Something Nice!

by Cristina

The highlight of my store trip today was the In Stride Jacket Black Pique. I went in search of Ikat Print Cool Racerback but only saw the Flow Y Bra and the Lively Tee pictured below. I wasn’t really crazy about the print on the Lively tee as it’s a much smaller print then the Cool Racerback and more detailed so it seemed a bit too busy for me. I also saw some new pretty scubas in Heathered Beachy Green and Heathered Purple Crush. They both had plastic zippers the same color as the scuba so that was nice to see finally. Heathered Beachy Green is a very soft minty like green but closer to Aruba. Heathered Purple Crush was similar to Heathered Pig Pink or the Micro Stripe Casis Scuba, perhaps somewhere in between those two colors.

Reverse Groove Short
Top band of color is Beachy Green

I saw the In Stride Jacket at the last minute and searched for the Black Pique in my size and purchased it thinking it would be a try on at home, just visiting type purchase. I have two Strides already and didn’t really feel the need for another luon jacket and didn’t feel much temptation based on the pictures. I have been wearing it for the past 30 minutes and just can’t bring myself to take it off. It’s surprising how much weight is taken away from this jacket with the elimination of the hood. My mom picked up one of my Strides a few weeks ago and made a remarked about how deceptively heavy it is. I thought she was nuts but now that I feel the lightness of the In Stride I realize she was right. The Pique is super stretchy and soft and cozy and works really well under my jackets without a hood getting in the way. Now I need to decide if I want to sell one of my other Strides (Lolo and Brushed Haze/Coal) which I love but are not my ‘go to’ jackets. If you missed out on a Pique Stride over Christmas I think you’ll be pretty happy about that once you see the Pique In Stride.

In Stride Jacket

Not great personal pictures of the In Stride.
Worn with Black Pique Grooves/Black Roses Live Simply Tee

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