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Newest Items: Concord Grape Cool Racerback Tank, Itak Cool Racerback, Savasana Wrap, In Stride Black Pique

January 11, 2011

I finally tore the tags off my new In Stride Jacket Black Pique after wearing it around the house for the evening. It’s currently below freezing in Vancouver and snowing and I had to go for a walk to the store so I layered this under my Hustle Jacket and it was really comfortable and warm. I didn’t expect to be buying a new jacket today but I really love this one. I was feeling a bit of regret last week at not getting a Pique Stride but now I’m glad I got a hoodless version. The Cool Racerback she’s wearing under the In Stride is Beachy Green.

New Savasana Wrap and Concord Grape Cool Racerback Tank. I want to try this on tomorrow to see if the fit has been updated. They have gone back to using the little metal logos on this jacket which looks so much more elegant and subtle then the embroidered ones we saw in the fall. I didn’t write down the color code of this jacket but it’s just a bit lighter then my Heathered Mudd Gratitude Wrap and the Inside is beige. The Black Savasana Wrap is Black on the inside and out and both wraps are trimmed with velvet ribbon which looks really pretty in person.

Concord Grape Itak Cool Racerback Tank

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